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EXO DOS Collection: Simulation Games (v1.6)

Published June 2013

What is eXoDOS?

eXoDOS is an attempt to catalog, obtain, and make playable every game developed for the DOS and PC Booter platform. They strive to find original media rather than using scene rips. This collection uses a combination of Dosbox and ScummVM to play these older titles on modern systems. Both emulators are included in the file and have been setup to run all included titles with no prior knowledge or experience required on the users part.

They have chosen to split up the collection by genre. Overall eXoDOS is made up of 5 volumes.

All games have been pre-setup and are immediately playable, no configuration required. A one time setup is required by the front end.

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Identifier eXoDOSSim.v1.6
Date 2013-06
Mediatype software
Year 2013
Publicdate 2013-06-17 06:07:12
Addeddate 2013-06-17 06:07:12
Language English


Reviewer: BasLDenHaag - - July 19, 2015
Subject: Good going! I downloaded some titles and they are working
with a little adjustment under DOSBOX
For pinball illusions for instance i needed
to make a BAT file called RUN.BAT
in the folder of the game which contains

CD cd
IMGMOUNT D PINBAL~1.bin -t iso
CD ..

D:\ is then the iso or bin file mounted as a
fake cdrom drive
IMGMOUNT can be used in dosbox also with
other disc images like the iso format
Also for pinball illusion i needed to adjust the
ILLUSION.CFG file to give it a correct path spec
This collection is HUGE
It contains FULL CD DISC Versions
in bin and iso format !
Reviewer: eXoScoriae - - July 9, 2013
Subject: Tips
Hello, I am the person who assembled this collection. Please delete the pd.txt file before running the setup batch. The pd.txt file prevents the installation of dosbox and scummvm. An updated version that adds over 1500 games will be released later this year.
Uploaded by
Jason Scott
on 6/17/2013